Birthmark | Mole | Twitching | Superstitions

learn about meaning of birthmark and mole on your body


In this post you will learn about superstitions and meaning of birthmark on body parts , mole on body parts and twitching of body parts.

1. What is Superstition?

2. The evil of Superstition. 

3. Knowledge the cure for Superstition. 

Belief which has no basis in reason, is superstition. Superstition is the daughter of ignorance and fear. The word literally means "standing still at a thing - in fear or awe. In religion, superstition means irrational fear of the mysterious, and reverence for objects which are not proper objects of Worship. Ignorant savages have no scientific knowledge of what we call the forces of Nature; they think the sun and the moon, fire and Wind and water, are governed by supernatural beings, who sometimes seem kind. but more often terrible and cruel. These they fear and worship, and try to propitiate with offerings and sacrifices and senseless rites. And their imagination peoples the universe with imaginary beings - demons, ghosts and fairies. As knowledge grows, superstition dies; and to-day we laugh at such beliefs and fear, as at the follies of childhood. But superstition dies slowly, and even in civilized countries today, silly bits of superstition still linger. We still find people who think number thirteen unlucky, who will not walk under a ladder, who feel troubled if they upset the salt or see the new moon through glass, and who do not like starting a journey on a Friday. 

A tree is judged by its fruits; and the fruits of superstition are all evil. It has been responsible for a vast amount of cruelty, misery and madness. In old times men offered up human sacrifices to appease imaginary gods. In the Middle Ages in Europe, the belief in Witchcraft led to the persecution of poor old Women, who were suspected of having sold their souls to the devil. The Spanish Inquisition tortured and burnt thousands of good people, at the bidding of superstition. And, though such horrors are no longer possible in civilized countries, superstition still produces narrow mindedness, bigotry and needless mental suffering. 

Superstition is a thing of darkness: it cannot stand the light. It is the child of ignorance, and hates and flees from the face of knowledge. As knowledge increases, superstition decreases. Science, which has discovered the real nature of the forces of nature, has banished all the old bogeys of Superstition - demons, ghosts and goblins, and all the creations of fear and ignorance which once made men afraid. And as our knowledge grows and our wisdom ripens, we shall less and less believe without a sound reason for belief until all superstition vanishes as a bad dream when we awake.

Twitching Of Palms

If your palms are twitching, it means you are going to receive money from someone or someone is going to give you gift.  African American have a similar superstition.  They believe that if your palm is itching it means you are coming in to some money.

Rabbit, Black Cat Or Buck Crossing The Road

Seeing a rabbit, black cat or buck crossing the road ahead when you are on a journey means bad luck. 

Knocking On Wood For Good Luck

American and British believes that knock three times on wood after speaking of good fortune, or bad luck will ruin it; the phrase "touch-wood" is used for luck in Britain and Ireland. 

Twitching Or Itching On Right Foot

Americans believes that if the bottom of your right foot itches or twitches then you are going to take a trip. 

Mole On Middle Of Palm

British and Canadian believes that if the mole is present on the middle or center of palm then you will become rich in your middle age.

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