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There are few palmistry forums available online.  First you need to sign up then log in and then you need to create your profile and click on new post button and type your details and questions in message box then upload your hand images through image uploader in site.  Most importantly you need to ask only your specific question otherwise you will not get reply from their side because they will not provide you general palm reading. 

So after posting your palm images on site you need to wait for a while and after some time you will get reply from a palmist (who is also a member of forum).  There are so many talented and new practitioners giving free palm reading service on these free reading forums.  But you will not get full detailed palm reading free of cost.  There are some advantages and disadvantages of free palm reading.  The only advantage of free online palm reading is that you will get free reading by many palm readers but the major disadvantage is that they are newbies and practicing and learning so there are chances that you could get misguided inadvertently.

Few astrologers and palmists online give a choice to ask a free question about any aspect of life.  For example you can ask about your married life, career, and financial problems. They will provide you free answer to your question in a short period of time but they cannot give much time without charges.

It is better to get paid reading from honest and experienced astrologers and palmists.