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Meaning Of Lines On Palm - Palmistry

Origin of Lines

1)  Life Line

Life Line originates from the region in between the thumb and index finger and moves ahead covering the Venus region and goes towards the bracelet.  However, it varies from hand to hand in different persons in shape, size, range, etc.  In some people it is semicircular and in others it can be seen moving straight which limits its range.  

2)  Head Line

Origin of head line is also from the middle of the thumb and index finger.  In many hands head line and life line originate together and in many hands they originate separately.  Head line divides the palm in two parts and moves ahead separating the rahu and indra regions and goes till the mercury region.  However, it may not be like this in all hands and can vary from person to person according to mental strength and weakness, etc.

3)  Heart Line

This line originates under the region of mercury and moves ahead through sun and Saturn regions and reaches Jupiter region under the index finger.  In some hands it goes all the way to the index finger region and in some hands it stops after reaching Saturn and Sun region and in some hands Heart Line and Head Line move ahead joined together and not seen separately but it is rare.

4)  Sun Line

No matter from where this line originates, for it to be Sun Line it should always be ending in the Sun region.  If it is ending at Saturn region then it would be called Fate Line and if ending at Mercury region then it would be called Health Line.

5)  Fate Line

Like Sun Line Fate Line also varies in its origination from hand to hand and has different origin points in different hands and so it needs to be looked at carefully.  However, irrespective of its origin a line would not be called Fate Line until it goes towards Mount of Saturn under the middle finger.  Sometimes some branches of Fate Line may also go towards Jupiter and Sun regions, but these lines are supporting lines and would not be called Fate Line.

6)  Health Line

This line also originates from different points in different hands and it goes towards the mercury region under the small finger but it can stop in between too and not necessary that it will reach under mercury region to be called health line.  Health Line is not found in all hands and it is not unfortunate if it is not present and does not indicate bad health.

7)  Marriage Line

This is located under the small finger in mercury region.  It usually is coming from outside the mercury region to inside.  In some hands three or four of these lines are seen but are not limited to only showing official marriage but can relate to other affairs, etc. too.  If a person is having many clear lines and has only one official marriage then it could be interpreted that he/she could have relationships other than marriage also.  In Indian perspective, the largest and most clear line usually indicates official marriage.